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We provide Elate HRMS and payroll software solutions for small businesses and large corporations alike. Our services include onsite and remote technical support, training, and consulting. We also offer a variety of products and services, including payroll processing, timekeeping, and employee scheduling.

HRMS Software Dubai

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HRMS Software UAE


HRMS is easy-to-use and easily understandable software in Dubai. we offer demos at no cost and also provide training for the software.



Our software helps eliminate your manual processes by improving HR processes such as workflow, payroll, hiring, employee management, etc.



This software generates real-time, helpful information using the data you provided. We provide carefully designed software.

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Our software is highly integrable and can easily integrate with third-party apps.

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HRMS Solution for Dubai

We provide the best software for the HR and payroll department in Dubai, UAE, Oman, etc. Get your software because we provide highly customizable software which meets your business need. Our software assists the client with all their need depending on the version they purchase.

Our HRMS Software manages time and attendance, payroll systems, benefits administration, performance assessments, applicant monitoring, and employee tracking, among other things.

Since employees are the cornerstone of any company, it is essential to maintain good working relationships. and keep a record of all employee information.

HRMS aids business development by handling personnel data. It will become harder for the HR team to keep all the data and offer better services to all employees as a company's workforce expands. HRMS software in the UAE is the solution to these problems.

HR Software in Dubai
HR Software UAE
Easier decision making for

Recruitment Board

Hiring is an essential procedure in every organization. By creating plans and publicizing jobs, HRMS streamlines the hiring process. The classification, number of positions, current count, open positions, and anticipated cost per position are all displayed by HRMS. The management of internal hiring is done exceptionally well using HRMS.

Best HRMS Software in Dubai

Employee recommendations can be managed in the HRMS.

Best HRMS Software in UAE

Using the HRMS, you may keep track of candidates for specific job openings.

Best HRMS Software in Abu Dhabi

Once you've decided, you can enter the job offers you've extended to each applicant in your HRMS.

Optimisation for

Performance appraisal

Employee evaluations are meant to evaluate and record employee performance.

To help you manage employee evaluations, HRMS provides a template that details each component's performance standards and relative importance.

Time and attendance, payroll, benefits, performance reviews, and application and employee tracking are just a few of the tasks handled by HRMS.

We offer the HR Software and Payroll Solution in Dubai, UAE.

Payroll Software UAE

Manage employee's life cycle with HRMS Dubai

By controlling skill mapping, employee onboarding, promotions, and separation, HRMS regulates the employee life cycle. To satisfy your business needs, we offer specially designed HRMS software. the software you need, from us. The HRMS assists the client with all fundamental and even complex business requirements, depending on the version we provide.

Top HRMS Modules

We are the best and official HRMS solution provider in Dubai, UAE and all over the Middle East

Payroll System Dubai

Transfer with HRMS

Sometimes, workers move between departments, divisions, or units. These records are kept in the transfer area of the HRMS. Documents related to employee transfers in HRMS can be utilized to keep track of such information. These documents are delivered before or following the date.

Payroll System UAE

Training with HRMS

The HRMS training component includes information about events, programs, feedback, and outcomes of employee training.

Using HRMS software, you may plan training sessions and keep track of learner feedback and learning results.

HRMS Software for Small Business Dubai

Travel costs for employees

The employer is responsible for paying a portion of an employee's expenses when they travel abroad for business. Employees can apply for funding for business travel using the HRMS's Travel request tool. You can request a corporate advance payment using the HRMS employee advance option.

Manage leaves with HRMS Dubai

Manage leaves with HRMS

Every HR department's management of leave schedules is a key responsibility. However, this task can be managed by the HRMS program. The HRMS software enables the production and distribution of different holiday lists to staff members.

Payroll set-up hrms Dubai

Payroll set-up

The management of employee remuneration, including wages, bonuses, net pay, and deductions, is referred to as payroll. The payroll part of the HRMS allows employees to examine their salary information.

Payroll Management hrms uae

Payroll Management

Payroll Management is nothing but the management of employee salaries, wages, net pay, etc. HRMS streamlines this procedure by providing a variety of functions, like Salary Structure, administration, and bulk processing of employee payroll.

Salary Slip hrms dubai

Salary Slip

The HRMS program generates pay stubs for employees each month. The salary slip contains details regarding the employee's benefits and pay rates. Based on the information in the timesheet, attendance, and the number of leaves, you can create the pay stub.

Payroll Entry HRMS Dubai

Payroll Entry

You can process employee paycheques in bulk using payroll software. By selecting a branch, designation, and department in the payroll frequency, you can enter payroll. Salary accrual and payment functionalities are part of payroll software.

Additional payment hrms dubai

Additional payment

Many workers also receive supplemental salaries on top of their normal wages. Your payroll software's Additional Salary option enables you to increase or decrease the employee's salary.

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