Fall in spreadsheets and the rise in analytics

Spreadsheets have always been associated with HR professionals. Spreadsheets are the go-to tool for managing core operations among HR professionals worldwide. There isn’t a lot of complexity and depth in HR operations to manage when your business is small and the HR processes are fresh. However, as time goes on, your SMB grows into a well-respected organization, HRMS procedures change, and your chores and obligations also dramatically increase.

Fall in spreadsheets and the rise in analytics

In this blog, we are going to analyze how there is a fall in spreadsheets and a rise in analytics.

Most of your time goes to entering, altering, swapping out, copy-pasting, and erasing a tonne of fresh data that comes your way. And if that weren’t bad enough, the data keeps coming in through a variety of means, including emails, phone calls, registration books, SMS, and even brief instructions from the boss passed over your desk.

More workers managing that data means an increase in the amount of data, which increases the danger of human error. Here comes the HRMS software Dubai comes to your aid. When there is a fall in spreadsheets, there is a rise in analytics.

Reasons for a fall in spreadsheets and rise in analytics

Poor internal controls

There are no safeguards to prevent staff members from altering the spreadsheet. In a spreadsheet, there is nothing comparable to the feature which says only accessible by managers. Even though you can password-protect a spreadsheet, you have no control over what other users see and what they don’t. All that is required is a computer, and any data provided by that individual on the spreadsheet can be changed, making the data less reliable. HRMS software can help you manage this disadvantage.

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Human error-prone

Mistakes are inevitable when several individuals handle all the spreadsheets within or outside of the HR team because it is impossible to completely exclude distraction, meddling, or simple overlooking. Errors while feeding, modifying, altering, or removing HR data undoubtedly result in incorrect outputs, whether or not they are intentional.

No strong protection

Due to poor quality control of critical information and a lack of strong regulations regulating its use, there is a substantial danger of producing intentionally false entries. There may be instances where managers work closely with their employees, and if managers have access to the HR’s Spreadsheets, they might change records to their advantage. Even worse, one can conceal faults easily without leaving a single clue. Correct values may be purposefully substituted with fake values in situations when integrity has been violated. To overcome this you can have secured HRMS solution in the form of Elate

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Not compatible with automatic reporting

The only way to manage routinely delivering standard reports is by manual intervention. The only way to get the information to the proper people is to send tedious emails.

It’s challenging enough to combine all the many spreadsheet versions into one master copy, let alone having HR managers create insightful reports using the data. It’s not for the faint-hearted, as anyone who has attempted to report from Excel will confirm. Additionally, reporting is harder the more complicated your data is.

Here HRMS software Dubai comes to your assistance. This is where you can see a fall in spreadsheets and a rise in analytics.

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Spreadsheets lack mobile accessibility.

This is detrimental to any team, but it’s particularly detrimental to human resource management. A study says that having mobile access to HR systems increases their productivity, possibly by as much as 24%. Spreadsheets are not exactly mobile-friendly, despite their numerous benefits. It quickly becomes tedious to pull out a laptop every time you need to enter or modify an employee’s data.

Consolidation difficulties

Not everything can be accomplished by just updating your data in the spreadsheet. When it’s time to create HR or MIS reports using that data, the major responsibility is to construct those reports. One must go through a challenging consolidation process because there is the dispersion of spreadsheets across the organization and various locations.

It would be up to end users from different departments to compile data from numerous spreadsheets, summarise it, and present it to the department leaders.

They check it over, summarise it again, and then present it to their superior, and so on until it gets to the person who makes decisions.

The data is prone to mistakes throughout the entire process, including inaccurate cell entries, copy-pasting mistakes, etc.

Data Analysis is difficult

Spreadsheet data analysis can be quite time-consuming to manage. The method becomes overly time-consuming and is an inappropriate route for making quick decisions since it involves the tasks of data extraction, information processing, report preparation, and analysis.

How Elate helps you in analytics and reduce the use of spreadsheets

Programs called databases are made to store, organize, and retrieve data. The most popular database type in HR is called an HRMS, or human resource management system.

HRMS software Dubai is a solution that allows your HR team to conveniently access all of your employees’ contact information from various devices in one central location. Emails, phone calls, and live chats with customers and prospects are just a few of the contact-related data that this system can organize.

Spreadsheets are useful for storing simple quantitative data and are frequently manually updated. HRMS solutions, on the other hand, are better at retaining information about employee performance, which makes them perfect for complex businesses with a large employee base or a difficult hiring process. These Databases frequently contain automation features that allow HR professionals to save manual entry time.

Analytics recorded in Elate HRMS software also gives an idea about employee satisfaction and their requirements. This helps in employee retention.

Upgrading from spreadsheets to an HRMS solution can help your business retain more employees if you are a scaling business or are quickly adding new employees.

A few of the Elate HRMS software Dubai features are:

  • Design to automate the HR recruitment process.
  • Performance Management.
  • Payroll Management
  • Transfer Management
  • Travels and expenses 
  • Leave management


In the above blog, we discussed how there is a fall in spreadsheets and a rise in analytics. Moving to automated people analytics solutions isn’t as difficult as it looks. Because it’s a small hill instead of a mountain. Elate HRMS solution enables administrative chores to be hassle-free, so you don’t have to pay heed to those stories of calling on an IT professional for every issue.

Every employee-driven function includes intelligent analytics and reporting, making it simpler to collect data on engagement, productivity, learning, and growth.

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