5 HR Policies Towards Employee Engagement

Life revolves around a set of rules and policies set by social factors and authorities to bring about a standard way of life. Particularly they help us live in an orderly manner. Then again without these fixed rules life would be disorganized and chaotic.

What are HR policies?

Human resource management is a systematic and cohesive approach to the effective and efficient management of people in a company or organization so that they may assist the firm to acquire a competitive edge.

Human Resources or HR policies are a set of guidelines and rules laid down by the Employee management team. The Human Resource team in an organization to brings about a sense of order in managing the work balance for employees, moreover work fulfillment for the business. The company’s policies are closely aligned towards employee welfare as well as the company’s fulfillment. Employees feel secure because 

HR practices make them feel appreciated and cared for, right from the joining of an employee to retirement. It also organizes things for the company, making it easier to track employees’ advancement, punishment, vacations, and so on. It benefits both employees and the company.

Why are HR policies important?

A strong human resources policy gives generalized direction on the approach taken by the business, and hence its workers, to many areas of employment. The method specifies exactly what action should be conducted in accordance with the policies.

Each business has a unique set of conditions, thus each has its own set of human resource policies. The area in which an organization works will also influence the content of its policies.

HR policies and Employee engagement

HR policies are key to employee engagement in organizations to help enhance employee performance and help the organization maintain a standard level of work quality and culture.

Though government rules require organizations to have certain policies to safeguard employee interests, there are additional policies, such as social media and flexible work culture, that enterprises must have to adapt to changes in the work environment. Designing good HR policies takes time and work, which is why we will go through a few key policies that any organization should have.

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5 HR policies towards employee engagement

HR policies do not disregard employee inquiries and grievances. Nonetheless company respects and treats employees fairly. HR policies give all important information to employees. Here are some of the main 5 HR policies towards employee engagement

Confidentiality and Code of conduct policy

The policy defines a specific set of information or concerns that the employee may not divulge anyplace or to anybody unless ordered to do so by the firm. The company should inform its employees about the consequences on breach of confidentiality policy.

Employees’ codes of conduct give a guideline for anticipated behavior at work. The workplace will implement suitable discipline to ensure that it does not mistreat anyone. The code of conduct also offers information on disciplinary procedures for violations of the ideal behavior and how to report such incidents.

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Work and Payroll Policy

This policy should define expectations for employees. The remote work will be permitted with fixed terms. This policy must include recommendations for work-hour flexibility as well as performance management standards.

Payroll and benefits provided by the firm should not only correspond to market norms in order to give competitive compensation but also to numerous government rules and regulations. To ensure compliance with legislation and employee understanding mandatory deductions should be made with salary payout.

The pay and timekeeping policy should clearly indicate the necessity of accurately documenting time, the overtime pay scale, and the deduction regulations. 

Leave Policies

Every employee, irrespective of their nature of work or the duration they work with the company, require time off for various reason. Employers create a well-drafted leave policy to guide them about the time off they are entitled to have.

The company should adhere to providing Maternity and Paternity leaves for a span of approx. 2 weeks and 15 days each. The company can attract penalties in case the company does not have an appropriate policy in place.

Health, Safety, and Anti-Harassment Policy

The company should draft the anti-harassment policy so that everyone feels comfortable at work. The policy should adhere to federal requirements, which require any firm with more than 10 employees to form a special committee to handle complaints about harassment.

The company should prepare a health and safety policy with respect to the nature of job. The organization should establish standards and expectations for employees to follow in order to secure their personal safety as well as the safety and security of their coworkers.

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Termination of employment

Ensure successful completion of procedures with a functional termination of employment. A solid termination policy allows the organization to set clear expectations for the employee. While also providing HR with a well-defined process to follow.

The policy also aids in the offboarding process. A solid termination policy can increase the likelihood of employees rejoining the company in the future. Because employees’ last engagement with the organization is offboarding.

Digitalization with HRMS

All of the above-mentioned policies were followed in action until a few years ago. However with technological advancements, employee management. Digitalization of human resource management took place consequently. Later HRMS and HR Payroll software brought forward the automation. 

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